A salt water chlorinator produces chlorine from Sodium Chloride (Salt) solution by means of electrolysis. The chlorinator is installed in the plant room, and most of the chlorine produced cleans the water and reverts to Sodium Chloride before it comes back into the pool. With a salt water chlorinator, adding chlorine granules is not necessary. Your pool will only need to be topped up with salt periodically.

Salt water chlorination keeps your pool clean the natural way:

  • Softer, sparkling water looks and feels great all the time.
  • No red eyes, no dry skin, no dry hair.
  • Automatic sanitising – no more daily dosing of chemicals.
  • Clean healthy water – natural salt exhibits a therapeutic and healing effect on the body.
  • Expensive and hazardous chlorine compounds need no longer be handled, stored or transported.
  • Water salinity of 0.7% – close to the human body’s own salinity level of 0.9% and well below sea salt salinity of 3.5%.
  • Low salt level warning light

C-Salt Models


Auto Self Clean
Up to 45,000 litres


Auto Self Clean
Up to 90.000 litres


Auto Self Clean
Up to 135,000 litres

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