A counter-current jet unit creates a constant current in your in-ground pool that you can swim against. A jet is particularly suited to the smaller in-ground pool where doing lengths for exercise wouldn’t be possible. They’re also an excellent source of entertainment for all the family.

We offer 3 main types of counter-current; the Astral Marlin, Badu Jet Classic and the Endless Fastlane.

The Astral Marlin is our standard counter-current unit. Air control only (adds air to water making jet feel stronger). Approximate output is 36 cubic metres per hour.

Badu Jet Classic – A more powerful conventional counter-current system with an output of approximately 55 cubic metres per hour.

Endless Pools Fastlane – In wall (silver acrylic/sapphire blue) Hydraulically powered, 16”, low turbulence propeller with water straightening technology. Fully adjustable speed setting with remote control. Approximate output of 110 cubic metres per hour.

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