You can heat your in-ground swimming pool in a range of ways – main considerations are availability of fuel, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, the pool size and desired length of swimming season. We regularly specify all of the below methods and can supply a range of equipment.

Standard domestic gas or oil boiler with external heat exchanger

In combination with a standard domestic boiler, we recommend the Bowman Heat Exchanger as it runs smoothly with the salt water purification system, being made with corrosion resistant cupronickel tubes and bronze end covers. The units are very easy to maintain as both the end covers and tube stack can be removed easily for cleaning, which is unique to the Bowman design. The boiler can also be used for heating any other nearby rooms.

Gas or oil swimming pool boiler with integral heat exchanger

A purpose made oil or gas swimming pool boiler with integral heat exchanger may be more suitable for some projects as they can be installed indoors or outdoors. They’re also very easy to run.

Direct electric heating

For smaller pools a direct electric heater may be the most cost-effective heating type, particularly when used with Economy 7 (cheaper, off peak electricity). For more information on these heaters, please see and

Air-Source heat pump

Usually suited to the larger outdoor pool, this heat pump extracts free heat from the atmosphere. An economical method of heating pool water and – conveniently for the British climate – it doesn’t rely on hot sun but ‘warm, ambient’ air. There are a number of different heat pumps on the market which vary greatly in effectiveness, so please ask us for advice on different types, makes and models.

Ground Source heat pump

Ground source heat pumps can also be used to heat your pool but they tend to be integrated into a domestic heating system, as the cost for installing one for a swimming pool alone tends to be high.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a useful source of heat but usually used as a top up heat source. Please see our Solar Panels page for more information. The two main types of panel are the basic polypropylene black plastic type (3m x1.2m) and evacuated glass tube panels. Both types need some form of control system which Sundance Pools can supply.

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