Our fibreglass pools are quick and easy to install, even for a practical individual or a building contractor who hasn’t done it before. Sundance Pools provide a full installation manual and provide telephone support throughout the installation process and beyond.


Installing a Sundance pool requires the skills of a competent DIY practitioner who is willing and able to take on a large project. You will need to plan the process carefully: dig a large hole to accurate dimensions, carefully drop the fibreglass pool in, backfill with sand and cement and build the surrounding paved area. In addition, simple plumbing skills are required to install the filtration, heating and drainage components.


Some of our clients do much of the work themselves but hire in help for the heavy lifting – your local building contractor will probably be able to assist you with this. Alternatively, a ground worker with a mechanical excavator will make light work of the digging and can also help lift the pool into the hole with suitable plant machinery. If you’re not confident about the pipe work, your normal domestic plumbing or heating contractor should be able to take on this part of the job.


If the DIY approach doesn’t appeal, consider hiring a general building contractor to undertake the project. As with any building job you need to select a reliable and competent firm, but it shouldn’t be necessary to insist on previous experience in the field as the skills required are not specialised. Sundance Pools will provide all the telephone support necessary to instruct the job successfully.


Specialist swimming pool contractors are available in most areas of the UK. A good one will be able to advise you on all aspects of the job, relieving you of any worries about the planning and delivery of the project. Inevitably, service at this level may be more expensive than the alternatives, but it may be the right decision for you.

Installation Instructions PDF