In-ground fibreglass pools are easy to maintain: they have a very smooth finish and their gelcoat provides a neutral environment for water balance.
In order to maintain a healthy pool, there are three main factors which need to be controlled:

  • 1. Cleanliness*

All our pools are supplied with a maintenance kit, which includes a leaf net and handle, a vacuum head and hose, and a brush for the pool walls and floor. A range of automatic pool cleaners are also available – please ask for more details.

  • 2. Maintenance of correct pH level*

We also supply a chemical test kit as standard with all pools and an initial supply of pH reducer which helps to maintain the pool’s correct pH level.

  • 3. Sanitation*

The majority of our customers opt to run their pool using a salt water chlorinator, which provides a pleasant swimming environment and makes for easy management of the pool chemical levels. Ask us for more details on water treatment.

Pool Maintenance PDF